Do you love to surf the internet, but hate waiting for a dial up connection? Welcome to a fast and easy way to get online- Saagars Medial Internet. Weuse a new fibre optic based broadband network which permits faster data transmission for all the things you use the internet for:- surfing the web, chatting, watching videos, listening to music, shopping, sending and receiving e-mails, doing video calls, transferring files, reading news, performing research and much more.

Saagars is a localized service provider that caters to your Internet needs by offering not just personalized service but also a speed as high as 100Mbps. The benefits of our broadband connection include low cost, less downtime and minimum network congestion.

Avail greater portability with WiFi router and access undisrupted, high speed internet through your laptops, mobile phones and tablets from any room of your apartment.

The USP of our internet connection is the custom made packages. We design an internet package exclusively for you with respect to your internet usage as per the speed, downloaded data etc such that you don’t end up paying more, but as per your usage.

Apart from these custom made plans, we also have in store as many as 100 internet plans which satisfy your needs.

Enjoy high speed broadband with consistent speed. Throughout our more than 27 years in cable industry, Saagars Channel has been a leader in innovation and customer service. Using fiber optics and other advanced technology, our networks are designed to provide leading-edge services and high reliability.

> Superior Value

> Business class reliability

> Support you can count on

Broadband Packages
Sr. Plan
1 Unlimited_100Mbps_12Mth
2 Unlimited_100Mbps_6Mth
3 Unlimited_100Mbps_3Mth
4 Unlimited_100Mbps_1Mth
5 Unlimited_5Mbps_12Mth
6 Unlimited_5Mbps_6Mth
7 Unlimited_5Mbps_3Mth
8 Unlimited_5Mbps_1Mth
9 Unlimited_50Mbps_12Mth
10 Unlimited_50Mbps_6Mth
11 Unlimited_50Mbps_3Mth
12 Unlimited_50Mbps_1Mth
13 Unlimited_30Mbps_12Mth
14 Unlimited_30Mbps_6Mth
15 Unlimited_30Mbps_3Mth
16 Unlimited_30Mbps_1Mth
17 Unlimited_25Mbps_12Mth
18 Unlimited_25Mbps_6Mth
19 Unlimited_25Mbps_3Mth
20 Unlimited_25Mbps_1Mthe
21 Unlimited_20Mbps_12Mth
22 Unlimited_20Mbps_6Mth
23 Unlimited_20Mbps_3Mth
24 Unlimited_20Mbps_1Mth
25 Unlimited_16Mbps_12Mth
26 Unlimited_16Mbps_6Mth
27 Unlimited_16Mbps_3Mth
28 Unlimited_16Mbps_1Mth
29 Unlimited_10Mbps_12Mth
30 Unlimited_10Mbps_6Mth
31 Unlimited_10Mbps_3Mth
32 Unlimited_10Mbps_1Mth
33 Unlimited_8Mbps_12Mth
34 Unlimited_8Mbps_6Mth
Sr. Plan
48 Unlimited_8Mbps_3Mth
49 Unlimited_8Mbps_1Mth
50 Unlimited_4Mbps_12Mth
51 Unlimited_4Mbps_6Mth
52 Unlimited_4Mbps_3Mth
53 Unlimited_4Mbps_1Mth
54 Unlimited_2Mbps_12Mth
55 Unlimited_2Mbps_6Mth
56 Unlimited_2Mbps_3Mth
57 Unlimited_2Mbps_1Mth
58 Unlimited_1Mbps_12Mth
59 Unlimited_1Mbps_6Mth
60 Unlimited_1Mbps_3Mth
61 Unlimited_1Mbps_1Mth
62 FUP_200GB_50Mbps_1Mth_therafter2Mbps
63 FUP_500GB_100Mbps_1Mth_therafter2Mbps
64 FUP_1000GB_100Mbps_1Mth_therafter2Mbps
65 FUP_500GB_50Mbps_1Mth_therafter2Mbps
66 FUP_300GB_25Mbps_1Mth_therafter2Mbps
67 FUP_200GB_25Mbps_1Mth_therafter2Mbps
68 NSH_FUP_100GB_25MBPS_1MTH_therafter4Mbps
69 NSH_FUP_100GB_50MBPS_1MTH_therafter4Mbps
70 NSH_FUP_100GB_100MBPS_1MTH_therafter4Mbps
71 SB@DL_10GB_4Mbps_1Mth
72 SB@DL_20GB_4Mbps_1Mth
73 Hrs1000_2Mbps_12MTH
74 DL_100GB_16Mbps_3Mth
75 DL_250GB_8Mbps_12Mth
76 DL_100GB_8Mbps_12Mth
77 SYS_DL_50GB_8Mbps_3Mth
78 SYS_DL_30GB_8Mbps_3Mth
79 SYS_DL_20GB_8Mbps_3Mth